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The key to the success of our Spanish program is the student-centered and fun method that we use to teach the language. The communicative approach encourages you to talk throughout the class. This technique allows you to take the utmost advantage of class-time and yields concrete results rapidly. The communicative classes employ stimulating techniques such as games, role playing, pair work, songs, and simulated situations -- helping you stay alert and interested while learning quickly. Our program concentrates on conversation. You can immediately practice your new skills in real life situations, reinforcing the lessons and fixing them in your mind.



Courses offered (General description)

·  Spanish Program for Adults (20 hours a week).

             It is offered all year long and it includes all levels from beginners to advanced students. Classes are given in small groups of maximum 6                              students but they usually consist of 2 or 3 students.   

·   Survival Spanish (idioms, and basic survival skills (such as greetings, money transactions, telephone conversations, ordering in restaurants, obtaining hotel accommodations, shopping, and asking for directions etc.).Please contact us for more information.

·    Advanced Conversational Spanish. Designed for the student that has studied for several years, is a Spanish teacher and/or has lived in a Spanish speaking country and wants to practice conversational and reading skills through literature and other stimulating techniques that promote fluency.

            Please contact us for more information.

            · Total Immersion Homestay Program 

                For many years IPED has been offering Spanish classes at the homestays at our beach locations with great success and excellent learning results since the student is in a immersion course 24/7.   They become part of the family and participate in cultural activities that normally they don’t have a chance to experience. 

With our Total Immersion Homestay Program your Spanish acquisition is not only naturally accelerated but you will have the advantage of having one on one instruction with one of our experienced and highly qualified teachers in a comfortable homestay setting!

        Our Total Immersion Homestay Program is now offered also in Heredia.


·    Beach Program Our unique program is offered in different parts of the country so you can take advantage of your stay in the most beautiful settings that Costa Rica has to offer. We offer homestays as well as different kinds of lodgings to customize your trip. You can have classes at our location or we can send the teacher to you, wherever you are at no extra cost in Puerto Viejo.

            Please contact us for more information and see the program information below.

Puerto Viejo (Caribbean side) Program + yoga. Our current program take place in the beautiful town of Puerto Viejo

·   Spanish for families and children: Bring your family for a learning vacation they will never forget

·   Spanish for age 50+: Haven't had time to learn Spanish? Thinking of retiring in Costa Rica?  Need Spanish for work?

·   Teen Program: Fun and adventure. Join our teen program this summer

·    Group programs for High Schools and Colleges Bring a group! Environmental Biology, Art, Sociology, Medicine, Law etc. Study and travel around Costa Rica

·   Spanish for Lawyers (Please contact us for more information)

·    Private classes are available with flexible hours

·    Online classes are available all year long

·    Medical Spanish. (Please contact us for more information)

·    Specialized instruction in business, scientific and other types of communication is available.


Spanish language instruction is offered from a minimum of  one week  to 26 weeks or more, with four hours of class-time daily (Monday through Friday). We keep group sizes small to ensure individualized attention for every student. Groups usually consist of two or three students. The maximum group size is six students.


            All students are given a placement test to assess their skills and to ensure appropriate assignment to a learning group. Learning group                   assignments may be changed to reflect individual student needs.