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Spanish Classes In Heredia

Heredia  is located in the central part of Costa Rica, 7 miles north of the capital, San José. It is a safe and pleasant town with a university, many shops, quiet residential areas, and a bustling town center. 
Heredia has all the amenities of a big city without all the large city problems. There are great restaurants and bars, museums, discos, gyms, shops, internet cafes, book stores and almost everything else you would need in a 6 block by 6 block area in the center of town and the homestays  are usually within a few minutes walking distance of the school. Also, it exposes you to the realities of Latin American living and gives you a great opportunity to see how other people in other parts of the world live, which is important since in the States many don´t get a chance to see that.
For more information click on the following link  Heredia Costa Rica